HASSIA-REDATRON GmbH in Butzbach is a specialist mechanical engineering company which manufactures vertical packaging machinery for flexible packaging. Our pouch, sachet and StickPack machines meet the varied and demanding requirements for use in the food, cosmetics (personal and beauty care), pharmaceuticals, detergent, chemical and other industries.  

“Power for Packaging“ at HASSIA-REDATRON stands for the best possible performance where output, quality and service are concerned. We and our staff vouch for this high standard of quality with the slogan “Made in Germany“. As a medium-sized enterprise, we have a flat structure which ensures fast decisions when designing your packaging system or machinery solution.

We invite you to let HASSIA-REDATRON guide you through the process of selecting “your packaging solution“!


Our machine program:

Pouch packging

Pouch packaging machines

The FlexiBag© Bi/Bc-series produce pillow bags, gusseted bags, block bottom bags or corner sealed bags.


Sortiment an Schlauchbeuteln und StabilPacks FlexiBag Bi/Bc

Sachets packaging

Sachet packaging machines

The multilane FlexiBag® Si-series are designed for the production of 4-side-sealed sachets.


Sachet-Beutel Siegelrandbeutel FlexiBag Si

StickPack packaging

StickPack packaging machines

The multilane FlexiBag® STi-series produce StickPack’s or 3-side-sealed sachets.


StickPack Portionsverpackungen FlexiBag Sti