These products are generally offered in 4-sided sachet portion packs or as samples. Our FlexiBag Si-sachet machines are the perfect choice for this task! The sachets manufactured on our machines look perfect and can withstand high pressures at the same time. Quite simply ‘made by HASSIA-REDATRON’!

Hair Care Products

Our 4-sided sachet machines for portion packs are considered truly legendary in this sector. Many production facilities for globally active ‘multinationals’ are manufacturing their products at high cycle rates and quality on up to 10-lane FlexiBag machines from HASSIA-REDATRON!


The trend towards 4-sided sachets began many decades ago with our tissue machines. And we are still the right contact if you are looking for folded cellulose or cotton cloths and medical swabs. We offer these machines in up to 4-lane versions! Or even higher performance with 8, 12 or 16 lanes with our partner companies.


Product Bag types
hair dye products 4-side sealed sachet
shampoo and conditioner 4-side sealed sachet
conditioner 4-side sealed sachet
lotion 4-side sealed sachet
tissues and pads 4-side sealed sachet