HASSIA-REDATRON invests in EFFYTEC, Barcelona

New investment by company as key for further growth

Hassia-Redatron GmbH (Butzbach) and John Dykema (De Pere, Wisconsin, USA), formerly co-owner of Hassia-Redatron, have jointly acquired a majority holding in Effytec S.A., Barcelona, manufacturer of horizontal packaging machinery for flat bags and stand-up pouches, from Enbolf, S.A. and CIMA. S.A.
With the signing of this transaction on May 29th, a strategic alliance was forged between Hassia-Redatron (Butzbach), Effytec (Barcelona), and the various John Dykema entities in the USA, with the aim of consolidating Effytec’s leading position in the field of horizontal packaging machinery.
The activities of the various companies complement each other to their mutual advantage. Hassia-Redatron builds vertical form, fill and seal machines, Effytec horizontal packaging machines and the companies in the USA build flow wrappers, tissue machines and vertical filling and sealing machines for pre-made bags.
Hassia-Redatron GmbH, a well-known vertical flat bag, stickpack and bagger machinery manufacturer, is majority-owned by Kai Capital Management (www.kaicap.de), Hassia Holdings, LLC (De Pere, Wisconsin, USA), a company owned by John Dykema, and its Managing Director Hans Werner Kiedrowski.
Mr. John Dykema, with over 25 years of experience in the packaging industry, and who heads several companies dedicated to the packaging machinery market as a managing partner (www.circlepackaging.com, www.campbellwrapper.com).
Lluís Villegas and Martí Humet continue their participations and positions in the company, as General Manager and Operations Manager respectively. José María Broto will continue in his role as Technical Director until his retirement in 2014.
Lluís Villegas, General Manager of Effytec, sees this strategic alliance as strengthening Effytec, so that it will continue to grow and also develop new solutions in the market for horizontal packaging machines. “The new structure with our new industrial partners, who also manufacture packaging machinery, will promote Effytec’s development and growth.  Their know-how, their international presence and their close relationship with customers will create new business opportunities and the chance for further growth in new markets. At the same time, our partners will also benefit from the synergies resulting from this cooperation, the company’s contacts and Effytec’s customers worldwide.”