2018 – Karl-Heinz Andres becomes the new Managing Director of HASSIA-REDATRON

Since June 13, 2018, Karl-Heinz Andres is the new Managing Director of HASSIA-REDATRON GmbH.
Mr. Andres is a graduate engineer. Mechanical Engineering, has completed several professional training courses and has many years of operational experience as a Technical Director, Production Manager and General Manager in various international groups of companies developing, manufacturing and selling machinery, components, tools and related services for a wide range of applications in the international industrial environment.

2016 – New Managing Director

By October 2016 the Mechanical Engineer Andreas Hollmann joins the company. Hans Werner Kiedrowski will continue with full operational responsibility until his retirement after the first quarter 2017.

2012 – HASSIA-REDATRON invests in EFFYTEC, Barcelona

HASSIA-REDATRON GmbH (Butzbach) and its co-owner John Dykema (De Pere, Wisconsin, USA), jointly acquired the majority share in EFFYTEC Packaging S.A., Barberà del Vallès (Barcelona), manufacturer of horizontal packaging machines for stand up pouches and sachets from Enbolf, S.A. and CIMA S.A..
The signing of this transaction on 29 May created a strategic partnership between HASSIA-REDATRON (Butzbach), EFFYTEC (Barcelona) and the various companies of John Dykema in the USA, the objective being consolidation of EFFYTEC’s leading position in the horizontal packaging machine sector.

2012 – Packaging of alcoholic beverages

HASSIA-REDATRON creates positive headlines in the media with its sachet packaging of alcoholic beverages.
With the parallel development of the Si 600, the range of machinery is further extended on the high performance end. The entire machine was revised with a view to increasing output.

2011 – The new Managing Director

Under the new Managing Director Hans Werner Kiedrowski, the company now focuses on its well-known strengths in packaging machine construction. Many multi-national customers once again have confidence in the high performance product range. New customers are enthusiastic about the “Made in Germany” label.

2010 – HASSIA-REDATRON remains independent

HASSIA-REDATRON continues to operate independently after Valentin Reisgen (Kai Capital Management) and John Dykema (Circle Packaging / Campbell Wrapper) buy its know-how and other assets and continue the business under its traditional name.

2009 – The HASSIA-REDATRON range of machinery

The HASSIA-REDATRON range of machinery now extends the ROVEMA Global Packaging Group portfolio. This also gives HASSIA-REDATRON access to Rovema clientele.

2006 – HASSIA-REDATRON becomes a technology centre

HASSIA-REDATRON sold by IWKA to the PILTZ Group becomes the technology center for sachet and StickPack machines.

2003 – HASSIA-REDATRON from now on has a comprehensive

HASSIA-REDATRON now offers a comprehensive and high performance product portfolio comprising vertical packaging machines for flexible packaging material:
–  Tubular bagging machines for filling volumes ranging from 50 ml to 100 litres, for a diversity of applications
–  4-side edge-seal sachet machines for liquids, powder and chunky products for food products, cosmetics and chemical products
–  StickPack machines for all applications

2003 – Sachet machines and the StickPack systems

Sachet machines and StickPack systems begin to manufactured only in Butzbach. The remaining production plant and staff are relocated from Hassia in Ranstadt to nearby Butzbach. HASSIA-REDATRON becomes the group’s sole centre of competence for vertical packaging machines.

2002 – Relocation of the company to Butzbach

Relocation of the company to Butzbach and extension of the manufacturing facilities. Generous facilities are now available for administration and operations, at a single location.

1995 – HASSIA-READTRON becomes an autonomous group affiliate

1HASSIA-READTRON becomes an autonomous affiliate of the IWKA Group.


The HASSIA-REDATRON history between 1990 and 1973

1990 – New SRV tubular bagging machine developed

A new SRV sachet machine is created by merging the two previous type series. The new machinery range combines the best features of its predecessors in the SRV type series.  (tubular bagging, Redatron, vertical design)

1986 – HASSIA-REDATRON takes over the FlexiBag

HASSIA-REDATRON takes over the FlexiBag range of machinery now becoming sole provider of this brand. The complete know-how on tubular bagging machines is now concentrated at HASSIA-REDATRON.

1986 – REDATRON becomes a subsidiary of…

REDATRON becomes a subsidiary of Hassia Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH, Ranstadt, and is simultaneously renamed HASSIA-REDATRON. “Hassia” is the Latin translation of “Hessen”, the region of  Germany where the the business resides.

1979 – Change of name to REDATRON Verpackungsmaschinen

Change of name to REDATRON Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH. The REDATRON trade name stands for “REchtenbacher elekTRONische Schlauchbeutelmaschinen“ [REchtenbach elecTRONic tubular bagging machines].

1973 – Founding of Repac Verpackungsmaschinen

Founding of Repac Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH in the Hessian Hüttenberg-Rechtenbach by Herbert Huisgen. The company develops, builds and distributes vertical tubular bagging packaging machines. Repac stands for Rechtenbacher Packmaschinen [Rechtenbach Packaging machines].



The FlexiBag development history between 1990 and 1953

1974 – The IWKA Group takes over machine construction

The IWKA Group takes over machine construction for the company (IWKA = Industrie Werke Karlsruhe). Contract packaging and parts of the pharmaceutical machine program are transferred to the Klöckner Group.

1966 – The company has a staff of 1,000

The company has a staff of 1,000. The business has assumed a leading position in packaging machine construction and contract packaging.

1955 – First sachet packaging machine developed

First development of a sachet packaging machine. The first sachet machines of the two year old company are built in-house and used for own contract packaging. Machine construction and contract packaging operate in parallel.