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Whether food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, household care and chemical or earth products, whether liquid, pasteous, powdery, granulated or lumpy products – for many products the tubular bags, sachets or StickPack portion packs are equally the most attractive and economical type of packaging.

Manufactured in more than 35 variants on our vertical form, fill and seal machines of the FlexiBag®-series

  Tubular bagging machines with an intermittent and/or continuous mode of operation, as single or dual lane version.
  Sachet machines for up to 15-lanes
  StickPack machines for up to 24-lanes
  Specially designed models for specific tasks


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  Tubular bag machine

        for liquid, pasteous, powdery, granulated and lumpy products

  Sachet machine
        for liquid, pasteous, powdery, and granulated products

  Sachet machine

        for moist tissues and wads

  StickPack machine

        for liquid and pasteous products

  StickPack machine
        for liquid and granulated products

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