FachPack 2012

HASSIA-REDATRON presents a new profile at FachPack 2012 in Nuremberg

HASSIA-REDATRON packaging machines are known for the primary packaging of liquid, paste and powder products with flexible packing materials and are in global use for food products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, detergents and chemicals.

At FachPack Hassia-Redatron has also presented the product range of EFFYTEC S.A. with their horizontal forming, filling and sealing machines.

In May 2012 Hassia-Redatron GmbH and John Dykema (De Pere, Wisconsin, USA), itself a co-owner of Hassia-Redatron, purchased the majority of company shares in Effytec S.A., Barcelona, manufacturer of horizontal packaging machines for flat bags and stable pouches, from Enbolf, S.A. and CIMA S.A.

The activities of the two companies complement each other favourably. Hassia-Redatron makes vertical forming, filling and sealing machines. Effytec makes horizontal packaging machines.


Hassia-Redatron GmbH, known for its vertical flat bag, Stickpack and tubular bag machines, is majority owned by Kai Capital Management (www.kaicap.de), Hassia Holdings LLC (De Pere, Wisconsin, USA), a John Dykema company, and their Managing Director.