Fachpack 2013, Nuremberg

This year, HASSIA-REDATRON exhibited a 10-lane StickPack machine from the company’s product portfolio, namely the FlexiBag Sti 300, which, of course, is a stainless-steel and GMP model. This machine has proved to be of particular interest to customers for packaging powdered or liquid foodstuffs as well as pharmaceutical products. Depending on the format required, the machine can have up to 15 lanes, resulting in a particularly high output capacity. HASSIA-REDATRON also offers a wide range of accessory dosing systems for powders and liquids.

For customers from the pharmaceutical industry, the company now also carries out the necessary qualification processes for its machines.

A further new development is the extension of the control system with Allen-Bradley hardware. This concept also includes a standardised user interface (HMI) for operating the machine.

EFFYTEC’s horizontal packaging machines, used for the production of Doypacks, were also presented. These machines are widely used for packaging foodstuffs, pharmaceutical products and detergents. A comprehensive range of models is available for various different packaging tasks.