HASSIA-REDATRON delivers to the pharmaceutical industry

HASSIA-REDATRON, based in Butzbach in Germany, has recently completed several orders for the pharmaceutical industry and been awarded extensive new orders from this sector.

The pharmaceutical and medical industry uses flexible pouches such as StickPacks, sachets, and also tubular bags for their products. Intravenous and irrigation fluids are packaged in special pouch shapes with a spout. Powders are increasingly packaged in StickPacks, and liquid medicine is packaged more and more in portion-sized sachets. Packing machines for portion packs offer a number of advantages and are easy to combine with cartoning systems and end of line modules.

HASSIA-REDATRON has a range of machines for portion packs, which makes it an attractive partner for the pharmaceutical industry. The company also has the necessary flexibility and expertise to realize custom-made solutions and attain the qualification processes required by this industry, or to support customers in completing these processes. In addition, the company is capable of meeting the high demands made on the standard of machine design and workmanship, since it is committed to achieving the “made in Germany” hallmark of quality.

Examples of recent projects include packaging fluids in 3-side sealed sachets and StickPacks, and intravenous fluids in tubular bags with a spout. In Asia, several machines for packaging cough syrup in sachets have now been taken into operation. Further machines were built in France, Sweden, and for the DACH region covering Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The proportion of orders from the pharmaceutical industry has steadily increased in recent years, and the company’s management anticipates a further increase from this sector.

HASSIA-REDATRON is globally active and also supports international corporate groups with projects on all continents.