HASSIA-REDATRON supports the trend to portion packaging

The Hessian company HASSIA-REDATRON GmbH has for many years been successfully applying its innovative solutions to the challenges of packaging machine design and construction. The range of products offered by this long established company includes high quality tubular bagging, sachet and StickPack machines with consistently improving efficiency and performance, based on more than forty years of development.

Several exceptional projects were completed in recent years, demonstrating a clear trend away from bulk packaging and towards portion packaging. Even products conventionally offered in bottles or other large containers are now increasingly filled into the handy small packages. A spirits producer in Ghana, Africa, for instance, has since 2008 been using HASSIA-REDATRON machines to fill whisky and gin into portion-sized sachets for quick indulgence on the go. The leading producers of foodstuffs, fine foods, personal care products and detergents as well as considerable sections of the pharmaceutical industry are also well aware of the growing demand for this type of packaging. They are increasingly approaching HASSIA-REDATRON with new portion packaging needs and the customers are furthermore offered the opportunity of testing new types of packaging at the in-house technical division in Butzbach.

The customers’ need for higher machine power is a clear further trend. The development of a new, multi-lane sachet machine with higher output is already complete. A StickPack system of similar size is scheduled for series production in 2012.