Why are stick packs so popular?

Why are stick packs so popular?

Stick packs are a modern type of packaging. They are easy to handle and can be consumed anywhere.

Convenience Food
…in handy stick packages

The term „convenience food“ becomes more important and describes the functioning of the „comfortable food“. Food, pharmaceuticals, sweets or fluids are packaged is packaged in handy stick packages and thus, is prepared for the direct consumption for the customer.

Stick packs offer the opportunity to consume granulates, beverages, dairy or fluids quickly and away from home, and afterwards, they can be disposed easily and elegantly.

Up to 40 % less packaging material
for the same fill capacity

Stickpacks im Karton verpacktStick packs delight not only the customer but also preserve the environment as they need up to 40 % less packaging material for the same fill capacity than sachets. Hence, food producers can reduce the material costs for packaging tremendously, and contribute to a better „carbon footprint“ of the product.

Flexibag StickPack MaschinenStick packs are completely printable and strengthen the brand identity until the secondary packaging in cases, boxes and bags.

StickPacks are practical, useful,  efficient and environmentally friendly.




Stick pack machines by HASSIA-REDATRON

HASSIA-REDATRON´s vertical stick pack machines in the Flexibag Sti series produce stick packs on up to 24 lanes with a high performance and a high output. Stick pack machines allow the packaging of powders, granulates, fluids and also detergents. All machines allow fully automatic and work in an intermittent mode of operation.