What is a vertical tubular bagging machine and how does it function?

Tubular bagging machines are manufactured either as a vertical or horizontal machinery type. Vertical tubular bagging machines allow the packaging of products, from the roll into the pouch and suit the packaging of discrete products, powders and granules or liquid and pastes. A vertical tubular bagging functions as follows: flat, generally printed film material is guided over a format shoulder, formed directly around the format and is sealed along is length and bottom seam. Then, the product is filled into the bag, the bag is closed at the head seam and separated from the film tube. The good is packaged with a dosing system, which can be a volume dosing function, an auger dosing unit or a multihead weigher system.


Tubular bagging machines by HASSIA-REDATRON

HASSIA-REDATRON´s vertical tubular bagging machines in the Flexibag series produce several types of tubular bags as a „two-mode tec“ concept with intermittent (Bi) or continuous (Bc) modes of operation. All machines are designed as spacesaving, high-performance machines with reproducible sealing. Two lane versions allow the production of particular high output.