Verpackungsmaschinen für Schlauchbeutel, Seitenfaltbeutel, Blockbodenbeutel und StabilPacks Verpackungsmaschine für Siegelrandbeutel Verpackungsmaschinen für Stickpack und 3-Seiten-Siegelrandbeutel

Vertical form-, fill- and seal machines


HASSIA-REDATRON manufactures a range of vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) machines. 

The FlexiBag® machine program includes:
Tubular bagging machines
Sachet machines
StickPack machines
Special versions 
(tissue machines, etc.)


HASSIA-REDATRON’s vertical tubular bagging machines in the FlexiBag© series are designed as space saving, high-performance (high output) machines with reproducible sealing. All machines are fully automatic and are designed as a “two-mode tec” concept, and work in intermittent (Bi) or continuous (Bc) modes of operation.

Through the high quality and the long useful time the FlexiBag® machine series got worldwide reputation. The stainless steel finish with state-of-the-art servo drive technology and pneumatic system equips these machines for use in demanding applications.

Various technologies are available for sealing the tubular bags, such as hot sealing, arc welding, hot air sealing and ultrasonic sealing.


The principal components/systems of the machines are:
laser-cut, curved stainless steel housing
covered upper section
lane edge control
registration mark control
foil gauging device
manual splice table for foil changing
maintenance-free bearings