Sachet machines

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HASSIA-REDATRON’s vertical sachet machines in the FlexiBag© series are designed as space saving, high-performance (high output) machines with reproducible sealing. All machines are fully automatic and work in an intermittent (Si) mode of operation.

Three models for different format widths are available with the sizes 300 mm, 500 mm and 600 mm. Depending on the bag width, this range of machines allows between 2 and 15 lanes. Double filling tubes are available for larger filling volumes per bag.

The design of the formats enables flat sachets to be produced, and double bags or multiple bags with different products are also possible in conjunction with appropriate dosing units.

The wide range of packaging forms also calls for individual formats for producing sealed seams as well as the various features of the bags. Multiple bags, chain bags and sachet mats can all be made. It is also possible to carry out contoured sealing combined with punching.

We have suitable dosing units and can combine the machines with all commercial dosing systems for dosing the products to be packaged.


The range includes:
Liquids and pastes: Cone valve dosing, rotary slide valve dosage systems
Powder and granules: Auger systems (multi-channel), micro-piston dosage systems or volumetric cup dosing systems
Discrete products (tablets): In combination with a cup dosing system


For filling food products, it is possible to supply machines in a hotfill version and to integrate the machines and dosing systems in a closed loop.
Combining the machine with or integrating standard printer systems is also possible.


Sachet machine
  Si 300 Si 500 Si 600
Number of lanes:   2 – 6 max. 12 max. 15
Format width: mm 300 500 600
Bag length (max.): mm 240 200


Reel width (max.): mm 600 1000 1200

Reel diameter:

mm 600 800 800
Nom. Output*): intermittend (Si) cycles/min ≤ 100 ≤ 100 ≤ 100
Bag types: 4-side-sealed sachets x x x
  4-side-sealed shaped sachets x  x x

 * depending on material, product, sachet size and dosing system