Pouch Machine FlexiBag® Bi/Bc 400 Duplex

The leader in space saving, compact design!
Double the productivity by using 2 formats.


A new generation of servo-driven pouch packaging machines with the Two Mode Tec-concept,
intermittent (Bi) or continuous (Bc) operating mode offers the solution to meet evolving
challenges in Flexible Packaging.
Two-lane, fully automatic, vertical pouch form, fill and seal machine, set up for processing heat-
sealable laminates and weldable packing materials (mono-film).

Key benefits:
  Max rated output
  Reliable film running
  Fast format change
  Always clean packaging material
  Splice detection
  Reproducible sealing
  Control as integrated technology package
  Hot filling ~ 92°C
  Quick cleaning
  Minimized maintenance costs



Bag types:    
Pillow type bag
without gusset
Gusset type bag 3-sided sealed bag


Dimension bag / reel (2-lane):
  Bag width
  Bag length
  Reel width
  Reel diameter
2 x 80 – 160 mm
100 – 550 mm
max. 2 x 340 mm
max. 600 mm


Nominal output*  (DIN 8743):
  Intermittent (Bi)
  Continuous  (Bc)
≤   80 cycles/min = 160 pkgs/min
≤ 120 cycles/min = 240 pkgs/min

* depending on material, product, sachet size and dosing system

Download: Data sheet | Reference list