3-side sealed bag



The 3-side sealed bag is a special version of the StickPack. The longitudinal seam is on one side in this case, rendering the sachet cross section asymmetrical. The advantage of this shape of packaging is that it cannot “change layers”.

Used for packaging of portions, the 3-side edge-seal sachet has an ideal packaged product to minimum packaging material ratio, similar to the StickPack.

The sachet may be filled with products in liquid, paste and powder form; it is very popular because it is easy to handle.

Hassia-Redatron is capable of producing a larger version of this sachet on a single web machine. This larger version offers filling volumes up to 2 litres.



Model Format width
Number of lanes
FlexiBag Sti 300 300 mm 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12
FlexiBag Bi/Bc 260 260 mm 1
FlexiBag Bi/Bc 260 Twin 2 x 50 – 80 mm 2
FlexiBag Bi/Bc 400 400 mm 1
FlexiBag Bi/Bc 400 Duplex 2 x 80 – 160 mm 2