Retrofit & Control upgrade

Hassia-Redatron packaging machines convince with their long service life

There are many reasons for upgrading/retrofitting your Hassia-Redatron packaging machine including clearly reduced risk of downtime, preventive maintenance, increased operational and process reliability or optimisation of availability and productivity.

The retrofit is often preceded by an inspection comprising a detailed technical appraisal of the packaging machine in productive and non-productive operation. Our report will summarize the results of the status survey, offer comprehensive advice and simultaneously serve as the basis for your decisions on further necessary or recommended action. Prior to carrying out the retrofit, Hassia-Redatron will coordinate a detailed schedule with the customer in order to reduce the consequences of unavoidable downtimes to a minimum.

In addition to the mechanical inspection, upgrades to and adaptations of the machine controls (control upgrade) to ensure compliance with the latest guidelines and directives are often also recommended.

Depending on the scope of the measures, an upgrade of the control systems may, for instance, include replacement of the power, switching and drive components and also of the PLC and computer systems, including updates to existing software and installation of new operator stations.

Are you interested in a status survey, an inspection/retrofit or a control upgrade? Then simply contact us, our staff will gladly assist you with advice and the options available to you.