Spare parts

High availability

All spare parts are not created equal. There are noteworthy differences, both in terms of functionality and quality. Only original spare parts are ideally matched to your machine or plant, assuring you of continuous optimal functionality.

The time factor is often decisive spare parts are needed. We always have critical spares in stock at headquarters, ready for instant dispatch to our customers. In an emergency, the required parts may also be sourced from the running production of a plant of similar design.

The Hassia-Redatron philosophy also frowns on simply replacing worn or defective parts with new ones. We will, if necessary, adapt components to state-of-the-art technology, thereby increasing process reliability, productivity and service life. We will also, upon request, manufacture customized spare parts which are optimized to suit the intended application.

The age of your machine is almost irrelevant, since our products boast a very long service life. Our extensive archives allows us to manufacture spare parts to the original working drawings, or to procure the parts from a sub-supplier. A small, yet significant building block to ensure the security of your investment.

Do you need a spare part or have inquiries about our After Sales Service? Our staff will be happy to assist you 

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