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Retrofit and Control Upgrade

HASSIA-REDATRON packaging machines convince with their long service life.

Whether significant reduction of the risk of downtimes and total failures, preventive maintenance, increase of operational and process safety or optimization of availability and productivity: There are numerous reasons for a revision/retrofit of your HASSIA-REDATRON packaging machine.

The retrofit is often preceded by a condition survey, which represents a detailed technical assessment of the packaging machine in productive as well as in non-productive operation. A report finally summarizes the results of the condition survey, gives comprehensive advice and is at the same time the basis for decisions on further necessary or recommendable measures.  

Before carrying out the retrofit, HASSIA-REDATRON prepares a detailed schedule in coordination with the customer in order to minimize the effects of unavoidable downtimes. In addition to the mechanical revision, modernization and adaptation of the machine control (Control Upgrade) to the latest guidelines and requirements are often recommended.

Depending on the scope of the measure, the control upgrade of the control systems involves, for example, replacing the power, switching and drive components as well as the PLC and computer system, updating the existing software and renewing the entire operating stations.

Are you interested in a condition survey, a revision/retrofit or a control upgrade of your control system? Contact us, our employees will be pleased to advise you and show you their possibilities.

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