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Spare parts for packaging machines

We guarantee a high availability of spare parts

Not all spare parts are the same. Because there are remarkable differences in terms of both function and quality. Only original spare parts are ideally suited to your machine or system and thus ensure optimum function on a permanent basis.

When wear or spare parts are needed, the time factor often plays a decisive role. At our site, we always keep critical spare parts ready for shipment to our customers. In case of emergency, the required parts can be taken from the running production of an identical system.

It is also part of the HASSIA-REDATRON philosophy not to simply replace worn or defective parts with new parts.

If necessary, we adapt the components to the latest state of the art, thus increasing process reliability, productivity and service life. On request, we also produce customer-specific spare parts that have been individually optimized for their intended use.

Since our products have a long service life, the age of your machine hardly matters to us. Our extensive archive allows us to manufacture spare parts based on the original design drawings or to procure them via a subcontractor. A small but important component for your investment security.

You need a spare part or have questions about our after sales service? Our employees will be happy to help you.

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