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Packaging machines for powder and dry products

When it comes to dosing and packaging dry products, HASSIA-REDATRON has over 70 years of experience with handling these applications. Whether the product is free flowing, hygroscopic or extremely dusty, lumpy or abrasive - we have the right options for it. Hassia can build equipment with:  dust extraction, residual oxygen control, gassing, encapsulation or intermediate flaps - we know how to handle your packaging task.


Volumetric single or multi-lane dosing such as screw dosing, volume cup dosing or belt dosing are just as much a standard for us as gravimetric dosing such as screw scales, belt scales, multi-head scales or silo scales. The knowledge to use the suitable dosing system, in combination with the matching machine components is the reason for the success of HASSIA-REDATRON's packaging machines.

We have the right options for products such as:

  • free flowing
  • hygroscopic
  • strongly dusting
  • lumpy
  • abrasive

We know how to handle your packaging task, whether:

  • Dust extraction
  • Residual oxygen control
  • gassing
  • encapsulations
  • Intermediate flaps
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